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What is a Cocitation and How does it Benefit with SEO


Published: May 31, 2013

Linking has long been an important factor in search engine optimization. But as major search engines face algorithm updates and changes in the way consumers use the web to uncover a product, service or information, the role of links in SEO have similarly transformed.

What is Cocitation?

One of the latest aspects of linking, also known as cocitation involves the digital world surrounding various types of linking, including back links, external links and even internal linking. The value of linking no longer resides in the number of links pointing at a site. Instead, the quality of websites pointing to another website has a direct correlation with the authority of that site within a subject and regarding specific information.

Linking to and From a Website

In addition to the importance of gaining quality links from authoritative sites, the sites one’s site links to can also play a major role in the search engine optimization. The authority tied to one site, which is linked to by another, can affect other websites that the first site is connected too. Because of this fact, seeking links from quality sites that link to other authoritative sites is important to the overall cocitation strategy within a digital marketing plan.

The Importance of External Links to Other Authoritative Sites

Recently, many of the major search engines have placed an increasingly level of importance on the sites that a website links to, not just the links gained. As a result, including high quality links from websites with authority and valuable information is a vital aspect that should be included in every linking strategy. By including links to quality sites, many search engines recognize the use of authoritative sources behind the fresh content produced for improved search engine optimization.

Anchor Links and Surrounding Keywords

While anchor text continues to be an important factor in creating and managing outbound links, the keywords and text surrounding such text is becoming increasingly important to the search engine optimization of websites.

Because of the fear and uncertainty associated with linking to and from a website, many marketers and business owners may not fully understand how linking has changed and the role transforming search engine algorithms play in link planning. By understanding the importance of quality content and the use of good, authoritative sites as sources can have positive results in the search engine optimization of a website. In addition, by highlighting quality sources that are known to provide good information and seeking links from other quality sites that are choosier with the sites they connect with, marketers can improve their search engine results while providing web visitors with the best possible experience. On the other hand, not only will a poor linking strategy have detrimental effects as search engines continue to strive to provide users with a positive search experience, some poor linking tactics may also hurt the way a visitor perceives a website and associated business.

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