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What Separates Link Building from Link Earning?


Published: April 22, 2014

Link building has gained popularity with search engine algorithms as a way to increase website ranking, but link earning is also gaining ground. Most people are familiar with link building, but what is link earning? Link earning consists of the practice of earning a link based on the merits of the website or page. It is the root of successful content marketing and is one of the most effective ways to increase search engine ranking. Here are some ways that link building is different than link earning:

  1. Link Building is Easier than Link Earning
  2. The quality of links in link building is not as great as those gained through link earning techniques. Link earning requires more thought about the content and also the layout and design of the website. The process is longer and requires skill on behalf of the web developer. You can buy links for link building and simply eliminate the ones that are not generating traffic. Link earning is a more effective long term strategy, but link building is more immediate.

  3. Link Earning is Less Likely to Be Penalized
  4. Since link earning is such a lengthy and thoughtful white hat SEO process, it is less likely to be penalized by Google. When you link to pages that have relevant and well-written content, you’re using the Internet the way it was intended. That’s why it’s less likely to be penalized. This method will also increase website rankings faster.

  5. Link Earning Requires More Time
  6. Link earning is a process that meets all the criteria for being a White Hat technique. There will be a minimal chance that your website will be interrupted if you’re using link earning procedures. You can’t just wait for people to link to your website, you have to put forth effort to ensure that your content is compelling enough that people want to link to it. This is why the process isn’t considered 100 percent organic.

  7. Link Earning Requires Amazing Content
  8. The content for link building has to be good, but for link earning, it must be exceptional. You must educate consumers and inform them why they should buy your products or services. Include incredible photographs to entice readers to link to the content on your page. Do whatever it takes to write content to attract customers. It will help in the long term.

What Separates Link Building from Link Earning?

If you want to know what separates link building from link earning, it requires some research. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about these two concepts. You must dive into the topic and embrace all aspects to get a full picture of the topic and which is better. It often depends upon the company’s situation as to which will be better. Research the topic and do what you can to select the best option for you, but keep in mind that more companies are proving the benefits of link building.