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Why are Integrated Marketing Campaigns more Effective?


Published: March 11, 2014

Integrated marketing campaigns are highly effective because it’s a holistic approach to marketing. The concept of integrated marketing ensures that you’ll be consistent in your approach to marketing whether you’re online or offline. Business owners choose an integrated approach to help them get a greater return on investment.

For example, BirthdayPak is Philadelphia-based company that is designed to mail our packages to women with a birthday greeting and up to eight different gift cards. Integrating offline and online is one of the most beneficial ways to keep the campaign seamless both online and offline. When critical information is shared online in an organized format, incorrect information is never conveyed.

Components of an Integrated Campaign

An integrated campaign may include a billboard with a faux proposal or story. Then, a blog or website can be optimized to search for the same proposal presented on the website. The blog or website can tell the story of how the two people fell in love. The story may be written or shared through online video. Part of the message can include a conclusion of what compels men to go to the jewelry store.

Integrated marketing combines the use of more expensive offline advertising such as billboards and commercials with less expensive online advertising such as blogs, websites, or online videos. The goal is to capture the audience by appealing to the visibility and user’s experience.

Other components that companies focus on is price, pricing plans, product design, accessibility, and usability. Product design, accessibility, and usability are also concerns and components of integrated marketed campaigns. Most people are familiar with the offline forms of advertising, but they are not as familiar with the online advertising formats.

Direct mail, telemarketing, shopping channels, emails, text messaging, and fliers are all forms of offline advertising. Even special events, press conferences, news releases, and publicity stunts are forms of offline advertising. The online advertising methods include mobile advertising, banner ads, email ads, newsletters, and online classified ads. These ads are highly effective.

An Example an of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

De Beers’s “A Diamond is Forever” campaign is one of the most successful offline and online campaigns. Nearly everyone remembers this campaign. The slogans and the television commercials were memorable. The online campaign was simple but equally as impressive. Everyone began to buy into the fact that a ring was necessary for an exceptional engagement. Both the online and offline experience was necessary to build an interest in the rings and increase sales conversions.

Why are Integrated Marketing Campaigns more Effective?marketing agency for help if you want to learn more about how to launch an effective campaign. Professionals will know what to include in your marketing campaign to make it a success at an affordable rate.