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Why are Search Companies Still Promising #1 Ranking on Google?


Published: August 13, 2013

As companies continue to struggle to make their web presence known among high rates of competition, a transforming digital market and changing search engine algorithms, phone calls from search engine optimization experts seem plentiful. Promises of #1 rankings of search engine monsters like google can be tempting to businesses large and small because of the power and value in being seen where consumers are looking. But is it possible so-called SEO experts to promise #1 rankings on the major search engines when every company, business, marketers and web masters is seeking the same results? Understanding the slow tedious, but beneficial process of search engine optimization can make it easier to ask the right questions when experts call while helping differentiate between black hate tactics and best practices suggested by those major search engines.

Organic vs. Paid Advertising

One of the biggest tricks some SEO “experts” use is confusing business leaders about what they are actually offering when it comes to coming up in the search results or the paid results in google. Some may even disguise the fact that they are offering PPC rather than organic services, making those #1 rankings on google much different than they may seem. While PPC can be an effective alternative or option that can compliment organic efforts, the results are not often the same as those achieved through search engine optimization, although they may be one of the only ways marketers can guarantee such first page results. Asking whether promises surround organic efforts or pay per click can quickly reveal what services are actually being offered.

Dispel the Myths

No matter what type of relationship an SEO company or expert has with Google or other large search engines, guaranteeing first page ranking is nearly impossible with the use of quality best practices. Despite affiliation with Google, SEO and Search Engine Marketing companies do not receive priority over others who are also trying to increase and improve rankings on Google search.

Asking the Right Questions

Knowing what to look for in an SEO company or representative can help reveal what aspects of their operation may not be fully revealed and what actions might be completely viable, with positive results for you and your company. Most SEO companies and experts who are truly offering a valuable service will not need to sneak or hide the way they do business. If a company or representative is secretive about the way the operate or optimize, it may be best to pass on their services. Asking for real, legitimate guarantees in writing can also be beneficial, solidifying the service they are actually offering rather than simply offering them a sale pitch or way to sell their service.

Despite the many companies offering search engine optimization services, best practices and a changing marketing climate can make it almost impossible to guarantee quick, easy results. Instead, look for an SEO company that has an eye on taking their time to optimize using best suggested practices while changing and growing with the industry. Since SEO is a process and not an end goal, looking for a representative, expert or company who has long term results in mind is vital to meeting one’s future marketing objectives.