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Why Do Local Businesses Struggle with Digital Media?


Published: April 29, 2014

Many local businesses are struggling with digital media, but there are some solutions to this common problem. Social media outlets like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter can provide the visibility necessary to convert sales, but most local businesses are struggling to incorporate their use. As more people use social media outlets, it is becoming increasingly important for local businesses to learn how to incorporate them to avoid being left behind by the competition. Here are some tips to help local businesses use digital media in their favor.

  1. Most People Use Social Networks
  2. Studies show that the majority of people use social networks, but the percentage varies by the country in question. For instance, 86 percent of Americans under the age of 35 use social networks and maintain a social networking profile. In some countries, as many as 30 percent of people use a social network daily. This represents a huge opportunity if you know what to do with them. Most novices hire a full-time or part-time staff member to show them how to incorporate social networks and help companies gain visibility.

  3. Use Contests to Get More Social Networks
  4. If you want to gain more visibility, social networks can be used to promote contests. The more people to come to your social networking site to sign up for contests, the more fans and likes you’ll get. These people will help to shape your brand, and loyal customers are more affordable to market to than new customers. Because of the success of contests and other digital media marketing, many corporate executives are considering incorporating social media into their marketing strategy. In general, if someone expects to get something for free, they will win more social networks.

  5. Digital Video and Photos are Also Important in Digital Marketing
  6. If you’re having an event, you can take photos and digital video during the event to advertise on your social media sites. When people comment, tweet, and blog about the images, they are likely to generate more interest and give your search engine ranking a boost. With increased interest, you’re more likely to have sales conversions. You can also launch a contest for people to post videos and select the best video or photo collage. This will generate significant interest and will help to make companies ore marketable. Many local businesses have had success with these events because it shows the company’s commitment to the community.

Social Media Marketing Has Some Hurdles to Overcome

Social media marketing is not as easy as it could be because not everyone goes onto their Facebook or Twitter page trying to find out about the latest product or service. If they happen to find out something on the page, you may consider it, but you don’t go there looking for it. This is why local businesses struggle because they are working to change the way Facebook is viewed without making it intrusive. As the definition of social media changes, more people will begin to recognize it as a viable way to advertise products and services.