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Will Local SEO Become More Important as Searches Get More Personalized


Published: May 20, 2014

As searches become more personalized, local SEO is becoming more important. Local SEO ensures that a user is getting more results in his or her area. Search engines like Google will examine what you’ve searched for in the past and provide results based upon your history. Google+ plays a huge role in creating personalized results based upon the friends shown and what they share. Here are some ways that local SEO may become more important as searches become more personalized.

  • Social Media Popularity Affects Local Search
  • Social popularity can have an affect on local search. When people +1 your site, this will increase your website ranking. Personalized searches are some of the best ways to gain more visibility for your company. When you can track any action on the website, you’re more likely to encourage others to take part in the action. Companies should always focus on branding to encourage more participation. It’s more effective than focusing on keywords.

  • Google Evaluates Your History
  • Google will deliver more personalized results when it can evaluate your search behavior. It will make note of your favorite sites, and these sites will be ranked higher in your subsequent searches. Google will evaluate your searches for the past 180 days to determine which is more relevant.

  • Local Searches Will Lessen the Importance of Traditional Optimization
  • Link building and on-page optimization will become less important with local searches. Instead, customer and visitor participation will play a larger role. Whatever they like will take precedence. As more people find relevant content that they like, they will cease seeing irrelevant websites, and they’ll begin seeing fresh and new content. This is what’s desired by nearly every visitor online.

Suggestions for Companies

Every company should have a Google+ account. When the social sharing icon is available, visitors are more likely to help business owners develop their brand and increase their popularity, and when more people connect, they are more likely to see the content and share it. This will improve the company’s brand. You should focus on research and backlinks, but +1s are also important. Ensure that your company has a long-term strategy to approach local SEO as searches become more personalized.

Local Search is on the Rise

As more companies incorporate the use of local search, more repeat visitors are expected. Loyal visitors will help companies achieve top ten rankings and convert more sales. Because of this new development, companies are starting to invest more in content in order to increase the number of likes and +1s on the site. With local search on the rise, businesses are becoming more profitable and more visible. More purchases are being made online, and this has prompted companies to focus more on mobile websites. When these websites are easy to load and easy to navigate, people are more likely to buy. This is why mobile search is becoming more and more important to companies. Determine how local search can improve your business.