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Best Web Apps For Your Business


Published: October 19, 2010

Sharing documents and presentations online? Scheduling your next meeting? Finding a data backup solution? There’s a web app for that. Web apps are great for business as they are affordable and deliver on results. Here’s a look at a few of the best web Apps any business can use on a general needs basis.


HootSuite is one of the best web apps for managing your business’ Twitter account. It allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles, track analytics and schedule updates. Hoot Suite’s multiple account management makes it easy to visualize data from every Twitter profile you manage for your company, which is useful when measuring feedback and making sure you don’t send Tweets to the wrong profile. Scheduling updates eases the burden of having to remember to push out content at a specific time later in the day or week.

HootSuite is very intuitive to use and is well worth it for a business looking to use Twitter for promotions, updates and monitoring feedback. It’s simple enough anyone in your marketing department can use it effectively and since it is a web app, it is available on any Internet-connected device.


Businesses need data backup solutions and Mozy provides just that. The company provides a secure backup service for data and is integrated easily with any computer or setup. It’s also smart enough to not back up data that has already been pushed to Mozy’s servers, making your backups more intelligent. The plans are great, offering 2 GB of space for free and 5 GB a month for only $4.95.

Mozy is a great alternative to Dropbox, but it is geared towards business use. While a pricing plan exists for consumers, it has a lot of great features business are looking for in a data back up solution such as encryption, security and ease of use.


Have you created the perfect slide show to use at a presentation? Why not use it to promote your company online? SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and documents online. Users can upload documents and slideshows then embed it anywhere just like a YouTube video. SlideShare makes it easy to promote your business and send important information to your employees through the site’s built in social networking features.

Document uploading is great as well if you don’t have a company blog or want to embed docs for marketing. If your business wrote a white paper, you can upload it and instantly reference the material wherever you are by bringing up a link. If you’re at a conference and want to show clients your company’s pricing plans, you can not only do so from your computer but also email it to them so that potential client can reference that information.


GoToMeeting reinvents the meeting by hosting it online. It takes the concept of a conference call and applies screen and document sharing to your meeting. This creates a very interactive and dynamic environment for business users and clients. Since it is a web-based application, it bypasses the hassles associated with desktop Apps that have to connect through a restrictive corporate firewall

GoToMeeting is extremely useful to showcase your presentation in real time to a client and give a visual presentation about a new product to shareholders and employees. Audio chats are supported making it a great corporate alternative to Skype.

Web apps for your business can be practical and flexible. HootSuite, Mozy, SlideShare and GoToMeeting can change how your company disseminates information and promotes itself. These are great tools that are very easy to use and deliver on benefits.