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DigitalEYE Media Interviews David Burch Of TubeMogul


Published: November 16, 2010

DigitalEYE Media had the chance to conduct an email interview with David Burch of TubeMogul. David leads TubeMogul’s marketing efforts and I talked to David about why Video has such an impact.

TubeMogul made a name for itself as the De facto analytics service for measuring the impact of syndicated video across a variety of sites such as YouTube and Metacafe.

When did you join TubeMogul?

February of 2008, right after DEMO 08 where the company first introduced its advanced analytics.

Why is video so powerful?

Video is the most engaging, powerful medium for delivering both content and advertising online. In terms of metrics brands care about like online ad awareness, online video leads to recall for 3.2% of all people who saw an ad, compared to 1.8% for people who saw a simple Flash banner ad, according to joint research we did with Dynamic Logic.

How does TubeMogul make video syndication easy?

Our OneLoad syndication toolset gives users a single upload to the leading video sites, platforms and social networks online, from Facebook to YouTube. From there, we automatically track detailed viewership and engagement analytics.

When integrated with MRSS feeds (i.e. from Brightcove), we can automate ingestion, transcoding and syndication without ever needing to log-in.

What does TubeMogul need to do to connect with new video sites?

We are expanding relationships with sites on several fronts.

PlayTime, our leading video advertising platform that premiered in the top five in comScore for both potential and actual reach, is always expanding relationships and inventory across comScore 500 publisher sites, Facebook applications and much more.

InPlay, our leading video analytics suite for publishers, can be plugged into any site’s video player (including HTML5). Integration is self serve and takes minutes, unlocking detailed data like viewed minutes, referral sources, city-level geographics and much more — all easily
shared or exported.

In terms of  OneLoad syndication, our “Destinations” feature allows anyone to set up custom sites to distribute to, opening up every leading place video is being consumed online.

Are you rolling out any new features or upgrades you can talk about today?

InPlay analytics for HTML5 players were recently pushed live for tracking on Apple iOS devices.