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How to Eliminate Sounding Repetitive on Social Media


Published: November 7, 2013

Social media is one of the best ways to keep in touch with people, personally and in business. But there are only so many things you can say on Twitter and Facebook before you start repeating yourself, right? Not necessarily. Fortunately, there are many ways to change up your message and make your social media page dynamic and engaging. Below are a few ways you can keep from sounding repetitive on social media.

Take a Poll

Take a poll of your visitors if you’re looking to make your website more dynamic. A poll can be in-site, such as on Facebook, or a link to an off-site poll page. Not only does this help engage your users, which is covered below, but it makes your page look like more than just a wall of text. Also, it provides you information about the buying habits of your audience, if you ask the right questions, which is great for your business and marketing efforts.

Cover Different Angles

If the news in your industry is relatively similar much of the time, or one angle of a story has been covered already, take a different look at it. For instance, if you sell insurance and a big insurance law was passed that you’ve already mentioned, take a look at how it’s affecting one portion of the population, or mention similar laws that have been passed in history. Every issue is a mirror ball; there are many angles that make up the issue, and covering angles that aren’t discussed as often can help you stand out.

Mix it Up with Media

If you’re relying solely (or mostly) on text for your updates, change it up. Find memes, images, links, videos, music, and the like that has to do with your business and that is entertaining, as well, and you’ll make your social media page dynamic almost instantly.

Encourage User Involvement

While hosting polls is one way to get your users and followers involved, there are other ways, as well. In fact, regular corresponding with your followers is one of the best ways to create a dynamic social media presence that is not repetitive. In addition, your followers will feel that you care about their opinion, which will help you significantly in business. Ask followers to submit their favorite vacation photo if you’re a travel agent, or have them tell you their funniest relationship story if you’re a wedding planner. People love to talk about themselves, so they’ll make a connection with you, and in doing so you’ll not only make your social media site more engaging and lively, but get some great ideas, as well.

By taking polls, asking questions, getting your users involved, posting media, and trying to cover different angles of issues that affect your readership, you can make your social media channels lively and engaging instead of dull and repetitive. The easiest way to make your social media channels non-repetitive is to scan the newspaper and talk about a story in your industry. Even if one topic is trending, new news usually arises on a daily basis, and asking your customers how it impacts them or what they think is a great way to stay current and fresh.

  1. GR8LISTENER says:

    GR8 points….am taking note and have book marked this to peruse l8r thX

  2. Gary Brewer says:

    Thanks for reading Mary Helen, great stuff!