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How to Get Your Social Media Followers to Create Content for Your Brand


Published: March 25, 2014

Content is a way of engaging your audience and getting them interested in purchasing your product or service. On your social media site, it’s imperative to keep your social media followers engaged because they will be advocates of your product through content creation and other forms of evangelism. Here are some ways to get your social media followers to create content and engage other people who may be interested in the product or service.

  • Ask Questions of Your Followers
  • When you ask your followers their opinions, they will create pertinent content with their responses. Some common questions may include sharing a positive experience with the brand or providing feedback relating to the company’s improvement. Once the content is created, it will remain there for a lifetime to help other readers who are curious about similar topics. As long as the questions are simple, most companies are able to capture good content by asking questions.

  • Ask Your Followers to “Fill-in-the-Blanks”
  • Fill-in-the-blanks help to engage social media followers. If you create a sentence and leave out a word, your fans will fill it in for fun and creative experience. This is a way to learn more about your followers and help you create better campaigns. These types of campaigns are simple and can be completed in each follower’s leisure time. It’s unobtrusive; so, it generates more participation than other forms of content creation that may require a longer time commitment.

  • Give “Shout Outs” to Loyal Customers
  • If you engage your customers on their social media sites, you can share their original content that relates to your brand. If they posted a picture of your product or drew a picture of your product, it can help you to advertise your product, capture a larger audience, and produce brand loyalty. If you offer fans a prize for their efforts, it will attract more visitors and spark a campaign.

  • Ask Them to Create Visual Content
  • If you ask your followers to create visual content, they will help you to generate more content. Studies show that 94 percent more views are generated when images are added with content. Infographics are especially effective. Another study showed that 71 percent of people respond more positively with visual content. This will help people engage with the content and increase the brand’s value. Fans should be encouraged to take videos of their products and videos to increase brand loyalty and sales.

How to get user generated content

If you want your social media followers to create content, you have to find out what you need to do more followers to appreciate your brand. These tips are useful, but there are some other ways that you can also create content for your brand. If you want to learn more about content creation, search online for more ideas or ask an expert in the field. When you integrate this common practice, you’ll generate more interest and sales conversions.

  1. Ron Sidwell says:

    Sounds like good advice with an emphasis on customer care. People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

  2. tonyblass says:

    Good idea! I will try that.

  3. Gary Loper says:

    Thanks for sharing, still the best way to cease engagement with our audiences is to focus on serving them, answering their questions and solving their problems – when they trust us they be more than willing to share our messages with their audience – which is even more impactful. Happy Tweeting @GaryLoper