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Is social media marketing the new yellow pages?


Published: December 23, 2009

Improving collaboration between people and between organizations is no longer optional if you want to survive in today’s hyper connected businesses world.

Social media marketing (SMM) announces your presence to the world.  It’s a reliable marketing trend to build your network online for success, for the world of tomorrow.

SMM is about finding the right way to promote and introduce exciting ways of communicating to consumers of internet and brick and mortar businesses.

If you think about it, social media is the new yellow pages.  Social media is an innovative tool that will help local businesses pump out all types of information, from the latest in local news, to their promotions and coupons.

Social media allows you to be in control of your marketing, you’re able to reach out to your consumer through non-traditional channels and still have them listen to your message.  SMM allows you to be in control of your business advertising, drive traffic to your site, where you want to place your promotions and coupons, with little or no cost.

About 54% of Americans have substituted internet search engines and local phone books for social media.  More content is created, distributed, and advertised online, and more advertising dollars are moving towards social media.  If your campaign is executed correctly, social media will get you more referrals, generate more leads and help you share information used to educate prospects.  The all new SMM requires different skill sets and strategies when compared to traditional marketing.  You can hire firms who specialize in this type of marketing or simply try it out for yourself.  It is important to note, that is as in any form of marketing, consistency is the key to success.  So, don’t expect to get a ton of new business from just starting a Twitter and Facebook account.

The public has turned to social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Linkedin to reach their audience.  Social media activity also helps your businesses improve search engine rankings through link building. There are now more and more companies that are seeking out alternative and effective marketing strategies, because the phone book is no longer providing what they need.  Many would argue that SMM is the new yellow pages.