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Social Media In Review: The Social Network Music Score, Golden Spoon And #FollowFriday


Published: September 17, 2010

Every Friday Digital Eye will be taking a look at trending topics across the web and Blog-o-sphere to highlight what’s going on in the world of Social Media.

The Social Network

The Social Network, a movie directed by David Fincher on Facebook’s early years is slated to hit theaters October 1st. The film is an adaptation of the book The Accidental Billionaires written by Ben Mezrich about Mark Zuckerberg’s claim to fame as the Founder of Facebook. It was also announced Trent Reznor, one of the leading musicians in the Social Media space would be doing the movie’s score. It was announced today, a free five song sampler would be released in anticipation of the album’s release.

Free five song sample from NIN

Golden Spoon Website relaunch, Facebook Fan Club

We are also proud to announce the relaunch of Golden Spoon Coachella Valley’s website which Digital Eye helped program. Our in house web developer, Kanate coded the new site. Digital Eye’s graphic designers, Jamie and Walter helped create the site’s new graphics and media for the corresponding Facebook Page.

Golden Spoon Coachella Valley’s Facebook Page now features a Fan Club which includes development work from Jamie, Kanate and Walter.

Who To Follow

At Digital Eye, we follow and interact with a lot of great people who offer excellent insight in to the industry. Here’s a list of who you should be following

Digital Eye Staff & Friends

@digitaleyemedia is our staff Twitter feed and features posts from the Blog and is another medium for contacting us. The Twitter feed is maintained by Jamie and contains great links about Social Media.

@KanateU is Digital Eye’s kick ass web designer and specializes in HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery, Flash/ActionScript, PHP, SQL, JSP, Java Servlet, J2EE, C, C++, and Perl.

@Interseller is maintained by Mike Jarvis, Digital Eye’s excellent project manager.

@budor is maintained by Gary Brewer, our president. Gary posts his thoughts and experience with social media and marketing online.

@tannergodarzi As Digital Eye’s in-house Blogger, I’m in charge of creating original content and maintaining Social channels.

@seosteve has great advice and insight to improve search engine ranking and boost your web traffic.

@kipknight is highly experienced in brand management and specializes in marketing.

@zaibatsu is an extremely knowledgeable Social Media guru who is best known for his high quality submissions on Digg and Reddit.