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How To Double Your ROI and Boost Revenue With Remarketing

Market yourself smarter: Learn how to make more money and double your ROI with a powerful Google trick.While the rest of us may feel like we're beating a dead horse to develop new marketing strategies, did you know that both Netshoes and Sierra Trading Post are companies that have already...Read More >>

Facebook Exchange – To Bid or Not to Bid?

Earlier this year Facebook announced its plans to launch Facebook Exchange. Well friends, the wait is over because FBX is officially here and the DigitalEYE team would like to share our thoughts on this “new and improved” way of targeting Facebook users using a DSP (demand side...Read More >>

Google Denies Anti-Net Neutrality Deal With Verizon

Google denied it’s in talks with Verizon to create a tiered structure that would put the search engine's content over other websites.Google And Verizon Not Against Net NeutralityThe rumor first broke by the New York Times (via: Gizmodo) which reported Google and Verizon were inking a deal...Read More >>