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Creating Content Which Will Tell the Story of Your Business’ Brand

When recruiters work with job candidates to improve interviewing skills, strong emphasis is placed on each candidate's ability to promote themselves to best advantage. After all, on paper, one candidate can look remarkably like another. But in person, the candidate has that precious rare chance to...Read More >>

8 Top Tips to Organize Your Business for 2016

The best map to success begins with a strong start. Business' that have their numbers organized, documents in order, and know exactly what steps they will be taking, all from the very start of the year, are the business' geared up for true success.In this post, learn eight top expert tips to...Read More >>

10 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Redesigning Their Company’s Website

A highly functional website has become the most important tool available to help business owners market their goods and maintain profitability in what has become a highly competitive business environment regardless of industry. One of the biggest challenges for business owners is trying to keep...Read More >>

How To Find Your Next Job On LinkedIn

LinkedIn takes the traditional resume and splashes it with social networking to connect you with hundreds of thousands of industry professionals. People you would have to stake out at conferences to get a few seconds with are clicks away on LinkedIn. The only barrier between you and your next job...Read More >>

How Bands Are Kicking Ass With Social Media

Bands have always been one to push new ideas whether it comes to music or other art forms but over the years, they've constantly pushed the envelope on the adoption and execution of social media. Any business or brand should take note on what these groups are doing in the online space, they'd be...Read More >>

Manage Successful Social Media Promotions

With holiday shopping in full swing, social shopping is already making a big impact. Data from Hitwise shows that downstream traffic to the Retail 500 coming from both Facebook and Twitter increased 36% and 15% respectively on Thanksgiving from the previous day. Downstream traffic to retailers grew...Read More >>