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Best Web Apps For Your Business

Sharing documents and presentations online? Scheduling your next meeting? Finding a data backup solution? There’s a web app for that. Web apps are great for business as they are affordable and deliver on results. Here’s a look at a few of the best web Apps any business can use on a...Read More >>

Twitter Reclaiming The Retweet Button

Twitter is quickly shaping up to be a powerful force in the social media world. Today, its building up its core service by absorbing a commonly used Tool; The Tweet Button. Often left to third party services and some clever HTML, it’s being officially ‘introduced’ by Twitter...Read More >>

Google Denies Anti-Net Neutrality Deal With Verizon

Google denied it’s in talks with Verizon to create a tiered structure that would put the search engine's content over other websites.Google And Verizon Not Against Net NeutralityThe rumor first broke by the New York Times (via: Gizmodo) which reported Google and Verizon were inking a deal...Read More >>