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LinkedIn Marketing: Keep it Engaging and Active

LinkedIn is a unique animal in the greater sphere of social media platforms. Apart from its unique status of being one of the first social platforms to launch that is still going strong today, LinkedIn also brings to the table its own singular business-to-business focus. This can make using...Read More >>

Brighten Your Holiday Marketing with Photography

Photography can give your marketing a helpful leg up at any time of year, but during the holidays there is no substitute for the visual appeal that a well-placed photo can bring. However, there are certain keys to making the most of photography's power to give your holiday marketing campaign extra...Read More >>

How to Use Holiday Searches to Drive Online Traffic

Even if your primary sales vehicle is your brick-and-mortar store, you can almost bet that many of this season's new customers will get to you via an online search. Statistics now indicate that an estimated 67 percent of all holiday shoppers plan to start their searches for the perfect holiday...Read More >>

Digital Media – A Force To Be Reckoned With

Traditional media is defined as television, radio, newspapers and magazine publications. New media is essentially everything else but more specifically refers to content accessible on any digital device that allows for interaction or feedback by the user.Traditional media is the tried and true...Read More >>

Increase Positive Sentiment About Your Brand Through Social Media

What do crowd-sourcing sites and your nine year old twin godchildren all have in common? They all have the ability to increase your followers, gain likes and share your content. Although these methods may indeed be getting your content out there – is it really going to the right place? (Are your...Read More >>

Standing Out or Fitting In – Which Content Marketing Strategy is Most Profitable?

All of us have heard the saying “content is king”. While the Digital EYE Media team espouses this belief we thought it was important to define exactly which type of content reigns king and which type of content is simply vying for the title.The DigitalEYE team is in full support of using...Read More >>

Social Media’s Race to the White House

November 2008, the Presidential election, an election like never before. Not only did we see a greater female presence on the campaign scene with women such as Hillary Clinton (former first lady, then senator and proud owner of pantsuits in every shade imaginable) who emerged as a front-runner for...Read More >>

iPhone 5 – Is Secrecy the Key to Supersized Sales?

With the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, the Digital EYE team weighs in on two marketing strategies – secrecy vs. transparency.iPhone fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s 5th generation iPhone. Luckily it appears that fans will soon get a chance to posses the latest...Read More >>

2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony – A Coming Out Party for Social Media

The scene: Friday night, July 27th to be exact, sitting on the edge of our seats on our living room couch waiting in anticipation for the Opening Ceremonies of the 30th Olympiad to unfold before our eyes. We think back to the massive scale on which the 2008 Beijing Olympics were set. Can London...Read More >>

Export Your LinkedIn Contacts to Save Connections

Whenever we can, the team at DigitalEYE Media likes to provide a little help for our friends.While we may be Facebook faves with our professional contacts, LinkedIn is the real professional social network.  Be sure to take care of your valued assets on this network: your Contacts.Rick...Read More >>