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How To Get the Best Social Media Followers – Quality Wins Over Quantity

A common mindset associated with social media: 'the more friends you have, the higher your status.’ Numbers can show how influential you are on the web (klout score) but numbers aren't everything. Sure, your company page may have thousands of fans but what if they’re only there for a quick...Read More >>

4 of the Web’s Hottest Social APIs

The API (Application Programming Interface) has been an essential component for creating applications that hook into or utilize web apps such as Twitter and Facebook.  With it, developers have been able to create some amazing mashups and tools.   Some of the most helpful and oft-used...Read More >>

MySpace and Facebook Sitting in a Tree?

It’s been rumored that archenemies MySpace and Facebook have turned friendly in recent months, discussing the possibility that MySpace users might actually be able to sign into the social network using Facebook Connect.Now, a more detailed report from the blog Inside Facebook says that this...Read More >>