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Part V: Social Intelligence – Affinity Segments the Social Graph

The DigitalEYE Media team is wrapping up our five-part series on Social Intelligence with a look at the "Social Graph" at Facebook's core.The Social Graph is simply people and the connections they have to everything they care about.  The Social Graph is NOT a count of every individual in the...Read More >>

Part IV: Social Intelligence—Content Curation a Key Filter

Curate – to take charge of or organize.The DigitalEYE Media team wants to share some insight into this curious word.Content curation is the method through which millions of social networking users collect and analyze information and turn it into ‘intelligence.’”  Curating...Read More >>

Part III: Social Intelligence Drives the Shaping of Online Content

The DigitalEYE Media team wants to know: are you content with your content?“Content is King, Search is Queen and Filters Are Their Offspring,” wrote Raymond Blijd in the January 26, 2011, Intelligent Solutions Blog.The model suggests that the Web functions as a sort of royal/commercial...Read More >>

Part I: Social Intelligence—BI Meets Social Media Data

Ok, you’ve got the intelligence, so now what are you going to do with it?  Is it actionable?Your company has been mining the nearly inexhaustible treasure trove of social media data to be found in Facebook posts, Twitter microblogs, Yelp reviews, social blogs, social bookmarks, YouTube...Read More >>

Social Intelligence – Part 1: Business Intelligence Meets Social Media

So much social media data, so difficult to make sense of it.Enter Social Media Intelligence—“the management and analysis of customer data from social sources, used to activate and recalibrate marketing or business programs,” according to Forrester Research.But is the insight that social...Read More >>