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What Is Next for the Augmented Reality Mobile Market?

Pokemon Go: Fame, Future, and Fortune With Pokemon Go raking in $1.6 million dollars daily on just in-app purchases it may comes as no surprise the stock for the app shot up—but then again maybe an 11 billion dollar increase in valuation may surprise you! That’s...Read More >>

How to Get More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is still the reigning champ of social media, with more active users and daily activity than any other social media platform. This is good news in the sense that the folks you want to attract to your own Facebook page are probably already on Facebook even as we speak. The bad news is that...Read More >>

8 Top Tips to Organize Your Business for 2016

The best map to success begins with a strong start. Business' that have their numbers organized, documents in order, and know exactly what steps they will be taking, all from the very start of the year, are the business' geared up for true success.In this post, learn eight top expert tips to...Read More >>

15 Sizzling Hot Power Tips That Will Rock Your Social Media Marketing

Much like Google, social media networks tend to be in a constant state of evolution – and like to keep social users as well as marketers in the dark as much as possible. For example, a study released by MIT's Center for Civic Media found that 62.5 percent of users surveyed were not aware that...Read More >>

14 Common Misconceptions About Social Media From a Business Marketing Perspective

For most companies, marketing over social networks is a fairly new concept. It's not that they are late to the party, it's usually just a matter of many business owners remaining cautious until they can gain a better understanding of how marketing on social media sites works and what type of...Read More >>

Are These the World’s Top 10 SMM & SEO Firms?

Who are the leading social media marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms?The Digital EYE Media team thought we'd share a list of some of the larger firms helping create and grow this market space.Topseos, an independent research company that provides evaluation and...Read More >>

Part III: Inbound Social Marketing — How to Attract Business

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ — whether it's social networking, video sharing or microblogging, your customers are using social media, and you need to know how to work with this new media to reach them and draw them to you.Social media marketing is a linchpin of any strategic...Read More >>

Social Media Marketing Campaign PR Tools—News Release Distribution Services, Part 2

Free (Or At Least Affordable) DistributionYour Social Media News Release (SMNR) is the linchpin of your Social Media Marketing Campaign, but maybe your budget demands you seek out free distribution.  This value is available at a multitude of news release distribution sites. Each distribution...Read More >>

More Social Media Management Tools

With every online marketing channel and discipline, there must be tools to make the management task more efficient and effective. Social media marketing management is no different. Social media management tools can help with everything from source network connections to campaign and social content...Read More >>

Tips for a Winning Gamification Strategy

“Look before you leap” seems to be the consensus advice to developers looking to gamify business client websites.“Dipping your toes in before diving in headfirst is an effective way to gamify your experience,” advises Roy Schmidt of BigDoor, the company that enables non-programmers to...Read More >>