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20 Twitter Hashtags for Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits and Activists


Published: November 9, 2009

One of the best (and worst) features on Twitter is the hashtag.  It allows you to find interesting topics, intellectual tweeters and real-time information. It also subjects you to multiple spammings everyday (#RIPKanye anyone?). And with the recent (okay, a couple months ago) integration of the search tool on your Twitter homepage, hashtags are easier to use than ever.

So in order to dig through the clutter and get to the worthwhile tweets, I have compiled a list of 20 hashtags you change-makers will be sure to enjoy. Follow ‘em, use ‘em, search and share ‘em.

#SocEnt: The ultimate tag for social entrepreneurship. Original founder unknown.

#SocEntChat: A Twitter conversation presented by Tom Dawkins (@AshokaTweets) and Nathaniel Whittemore (@SocialEntrprnr) that takes place on the first Wednesday of each month (also supported by me, @writerpollock).

#Nonprofit: Can’t get any more self explanatory than this! Use this tag to show those NGO good works.

#4Change: A Twitter chat and hashtag, #4Change profiles online technology, like social media, used for good.

#NPTech: Use this tag to promote and follow nonprofit technology.

: Spread the good word every Tuesday with this Twitter tag.

: A Twitter chat that focuses on microfinance.

#v4change: Video for Change, simple as that.

#m4change: Just as video can be an important part to spreading awareness of a cause, so can mobile technology. This tag stands for Mobile for Change and is complemented by social entrepreneurs like The Extraordinaries.

#CSR: Use this tag for corporate social responsibility tweets.

#Environment: Use this tag for eco-friendly tweets, along with #green and #sustainable.

: Clean alternative energy! Also, use #wind, #EV (electric vehicle) and #energy, when applicable.

#SocialGood: Created by Mashable and the Summer of Social Good, this tag works for any socially conscious tweets.

#Microfinance: Like #MiFiMon, but this isn’t a chat, so use it on a daily basis.

#Philanthropy: Want to find out, or spread awareness of, someone who’s doing good? #Philanthropy it is.

#Charity: Similar to philanthropy, but charity focuses more on organizational work.

#Fundraising: Need ideas and help growing donors and funding? Check out this hashtag (and this story on using Twitter to raise funds).

: Use this tag to call awareness to, and monitor, stories of those in need.

#ClimateChange: Concerned over the upcoming United Nations climate meeting in Copenhagen? Show your support for climate action by using and following this tag (#GlobalWarming works too).

#Health: Into helping medicinal causes? Make sure to put the #health tag on your list.