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DigitalEYE Highlight: Reno Youth Bridge, Teaching Reno Students How To Play Bridge


Published: October 18, 2010

DigitalEYE’s latest project involves a redesign and hosting solution for Reno Youth Bridge, a non-profit that teaches students how to play Bridge.

What is Reno Youth Bridge?

Reno Youth Bridge is a non-profit organization that teaches students in Reno how to play Bridge, which has been shown to develop critical thinking skills and helps students learn how to work as a team. Furthermore, Bridge is a card game that develops critical thinking skills and builds important life skills (such as inferential reasoning) not taught in schools.

RYB is run by Kathy Lane, Grace Martin, Molly Rakestraw and Bud Brewer (father of DigitalEYE’s president Gary Brewer). It has received generous gifts from notable philanthropists such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

How DigitalEYE Helped Reno Youth Bridge

DigitalEYE created Reno Youth Bridge’s new website and blog. Our Lead Developer, Kanate setup hosting for WordPress, SEO configuration and a Flickr gallery. The website features a custom theme by our Graphic Designer Jamie; she also created a custom Twitter background and avatar for Reno Youth Bridge’s Facebook page.

DigitalEYE Media Redesigns Reno Youth Bridge Blog

DigitalEYE Media Redesigns Reno Youth Bridge Twitter

Want to learn more about Reno Youth Bridge?

Go to thr Reno Youth Bridge Facebook page to learn how you can contribute to their cause. You can also follow them on Twitter.

The Reno Youth Bridge redesign is only a small example of what we do at DigitalEYE. We offer a variety of services available in order to establish and improve your company’s online presence including web development, Internet marketing, e-commerce solutions, print design, branding and more!