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Monetizing WordPress


Published: October 13, 2009

While there are bloggers on both sides of the monetizing-of-blogging fence, there is no doubt there are those who take the route of running ads. Those that are using WordPress have a seemingly endless supply of themes to choose from, but not all the selections lend themselves to ad placement. There are, however, some kind souls out there who have made free themes for this very purpose. Offers several themes with 125X125 placements, such as the above Clouds Rounds, as well as at least one with a 250×250 slot.

BlixKrieg The extremely versatile Blix theme got abandoned as a project ages ago, but it then resurfaced as BlixKrieg with built-in placements for Google AdSense units. Even though this theme is aging, new authors do try to keep it up to date. Offers several free themes, with AdsPress being the most ad friendly of them with some fairly subtle Google AdSense placements.

DailyBlogTips The popular blog about all-things-blogging has started offering free monthly WordPress themes, all of them with an eye to advertising. There is a mixture of choices with 125X125 ad blocks and those supporting Google AdSense. Offers a few free monetized WordPress themes for free (registration required for download) that have various types of monetization units. ElegantThemes offers several free themes with 125X125 spots. offers numerous themes, a few with Google AdSense placements, and two with 125X125 spots. This one pictured, My April Reloaded, also features a 729X90 banner spot that can be used for images or as an ad spot.

Monetizing The Web You can’t do an article about monetization themes without including one named “Monetizing the Web”. Available in 17 different colors, there isvirtually no monetization they left out of this: Google AdSense units, text links, Google Referrals and more. WPThemesPlugin offers several free themes, several of them monetized such as Vestique which features 125X125 ad slots, Google AdSense on the individual posts and a 468X60 slot at the top.